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Why Speech Therapy!
Speech Therapy is Important When Needed!

Effective, functional communication with an intent is vital for successful navigation and participation in family, social and classroom activities. A child with communication deficits may not have the ability to express her or himself, understand others or exchange information and ideas. This leads to challenges in many areas of life including direct impact on academics.

Speech therapy is important when needed. 

How do I know my child needs speech therapy?

Does your child:

  • find it challenging to express him/herself?

  • find it hard to say certain sounds or words? 

  • find it difficult to understand written/ spoken questions, follow directions? 

  • get stuck on different sounds while talking and/ or, repeat sounds, words, or phrases?

  • use shorter sentences and/ or grammatically incorrect sentences? 

  • find it challenging to spell, read, write, and/ or complete other academic tasks? 

  • find it difficult to play with others and appropriately with toys? 

  • have a hard time making friends? 

  • avoid eye contact? 

  • say things that appear inappropriate to others? 

  • is non-verbal (does not use any words)? 


If you child is displaying any or a combination of above communication difficulties, or any other difficulty in speech and language not listed above, it is recommended that you contact a speech pathologist.

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