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About Us
A Comprehensive Speech and Language Practice

Main Step Therapy is a comprehensive speech and language pathology practice based in North Texas. We provide screening, assessment and treatment for communication disorders as well as consultation and support for families for in-home communication program. One of the main reasons for Main Step Therapy to come into being was to respond to and connect with the growing cultural and linguistic diversity in the city of Frisco and surrounding cities. A huge school-going population of the city consists of children who learn English as a second language. Cultural variables and bilingualism can impact the process of evaluation and treatment for speech and language disorders. Our team consists of multicultural and multilingual speech therapists who understand the unique needs of this population. Please read more about how we accommodate the communication disorders in this increasing population who are learning English as a second language

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Nursery School

At Main Step Therapy, are big on multidisciplinary approach. We make best efforts to collaborate with all parties involved when it comes to helping the child and family. For assessment, treatment or consultation, we work closely with teachers, school SLPs, other service providers (OT, Psychologists etc.) to ensure we are on same page with all other professionals. We also support our families by attending IEPs, teachers' conferences by phone or in person. Feel free to inquire to get more details about these services. 


We strongly believe we all have unique ways to achieve our goals and succeed and we ensure each client is receiving a therapy plan tailored to fit his/ her particular needs. Whether your loved one is struggling on saying a sound or is a non-verbal individual navigating the world using a communication device, we will be able to facilitate and help them achieve their potential – and beyond!

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