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Welcome to Main Step Therapy!
Providing therapy services for effective communication, social functioning and academic support.
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Main Step Therapy is North Texas based speech and language pathology practice serving Metroplex. We cater to the communication needs of monolingual as well as bilingual pediatric and adolescent clients. We provide customized speech therapy to facilitate effective communication at home, in school and community.  

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Children with more than one language can sometimes manifest language delays (due to impairment) as language differences (due to bilingualism). This leads to late diagnosis and treatment, thus resulting in impact on academics and low grades in school. We at Main Step Therapy understand the unique needs of language development of this diverse population.


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We provide thorough speech/ language evaluations and flexible therapy plans virtually, at our clinic, in your child's preschool/day care or in the convenience of your home. Parent training, support and collaboration with other related service providers is also offered to facilitate communication goals at home and in the community. 

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A child with communication deficits may lack the ability to express her or himself, understand others or exchange information and ideas. This may lead to challenges in many areas of life including direct impact on academics. It is vital to recognize and treat these deficits in early stage to enable children to reach their full potential.  


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